7 ways to dress up to look good By pulling the strengths Own out

7 ways to dress up to look good By pulling the strengths Own out

7 ways to dress up to look good By pulling the strengths Own out

Hello girls, SistaCafe – any girl who has trouble dressing up because she doesn’t know the features that enhance her charm . Sis ? Yes, some girls who don’t know what they stand out for. Actually, they are very beautiful, but how to show their strength? How to dress to look beautiful and exact Until those who look at this have to look Strength or identity  Who we are first First of all They must find confidence for themselves and then gradually Look for points that friends or people around you say. That’s why the arms are so beautiful. Siss shows that there are people who are interested in us especially. So let’s take a look at the strengths that can make SIS dress by pulling out the highlights.

1. Slim waist

There are a few things. The first thing that we think of is that it can be said to be the highlight of many women. “Waist” is a slim, pure body. This is the point to enhance the charm of men to really stare at us, because the concave on the body will Make people interested. Which the waist is already paired with a woman For those who have a thin waist for 23 24, this is perfect. Which will say that the waist also needs to be balanced with all parts of the body. 

2. Beautiful hips. Pull it out to be the highlight. If you want to dress up beautifully, then have to pick up our strengths to be useful for girls who have hips, we understand that sometimes it may spoil the self. Because it looks too big for his friends. But, you know,  hips are a good indicator of femininity. Especially if having both a beautiful waist and hips Anyone who likes it all Look at the stars of the line His waist will be small while his hips will slightly heal. Wearing anything will look pretty because of a good shape. For example, try to wear high-waisted pants. Match with crop tops. This is perfect. 3. Chest. Congratulations. You’ve got to the next round. For dressing up to look good by pulling out your own strength, anyone with a chest

Tumbs may not buds like going to make milk. But still after going to the temple to go with anyone, it is considered a merit. Sis. Honestly, people with chest are very lucky. Because you don’t have to sit and squeeze a sponge like a size 32A bust girl. This small breasts is tired, you have to find a bra that looks good. So if you know that you already have a chest, then dress to be useful. But not to show her Dress must honor the location well-known with aunt. 

4. The long legs to the point that everyone Would like to have a wish, that is, the slender legs of tall people A star that is obvious that long legs are very classy. One of them is the beloved Esther girl Ken Phu. Because no matter how she matches the clothes, they are pretty. With her little slender legs, how to wear clothes or dress up will look tall True because she is already tall. But the more you wear something, it looks tall. Feel? That’s it. If we know that we are tall

 Slender legs may be worn by showing some trousers. They are short legs, something like this. It will make us and the spectators feel that this person looks very long and smooth legs. Really, look for four or five short legs! 

5. Small arms Who, who has slender arms and looks a little tied, like a healthy girl who likes to exercise too Wearing anything is especially beautiful. Look at my arm Slender and tied A little bit. If not then there is still time to exercise your upper arms. It’s not too late to start looking, looking outstanding and doing it yourself. Seriously, we may not be so small in arms. But if we know exercise, pay attention to shape We may have good bodies. That becomes a highlight. 6. Her  clavicle is beautiful. Can not believe that, the clavicle or before the chest

Is a very charming period as well. When going to match the clothes, if anyone likes to wear off the shoulder straps or a single straps, then having a beautiful collarbone will start off quite a bit. But worn out, not too skinny and plump Wearing anything looks good And when wearing necklaces too, it is beautiful Believe that there must be a sneak peek, not just the one. We must look at us. Because it looks exactly right. 

7. Smooth back Sis For dressing up to enhance the charm by pulling out the strength of their own, that is the back.
Smooth, flawless, because the woman’s “back” looks beautiful Looks very touching The more you wear the clothes at the back, the more flashy. This is a blow. Who has acne without a back sheet? Without wrinkles should be able to quickly show the skin Charming does not recognize the show Like this, how can someone come to flirt? Sissa, before going to show, then scrubbing the body, rubbing the back to increase the smoothness first as well 

Finished. For ways to break out the strengths of yourself. In order to become a girl wherever you go, only people want to look These are things that will make a girl’s dress easier, like anyone with beautiful arms. Showing the sleeves, wearing a single strap, sleeveless, beautiful legs, what shorts do you need? This is why he is called to know myself. Because if we know ourselves How do we pick that charm out? Sis, what are the strengths? Break out and show them. 


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