5 great foods for women. The more skin eaters, the more beautiful!

5 great foods for women. The more skin eaters, the more beautiful!

5 great foods for women. The more skin eaters, the more beautiful!

Tips for beautiful skin care for women. Not only are there ways to use nourishing creams, serums, or various products, it can also be done by eating useful foods to help transform the deteriorated skin into bright skin. Today we have a secret to increase beauty with food. Leave together with 5 hot food that women eat more. Will make the skin beautiful and bright Only very shine Let’s see what kind of food is there.

1. Garlic isknown as a food that many people do not like because of the smell and taste. When you see it, you have to throw it out. But is it really known that Garlic is very beneficial to the skin. Because it helps to strengthen collagen fibers under the damaged or deteriorated skin layers If eaten regularly, it will help the skin dull. Can shine bright

2. Mushrooms.All mushrooms have the property of strengthening cells, high protein, fat free and antioxidant. That will help your skin shine bright From inside to outside If eating properly Will help to result in other areas of health Better too

3. Fruits that contain vitamin C.Fruits that contain vitamin C, such as oranges, lemons, guava, grapes, strawberries All are helping to brighten the skin. From previously dull, it will look brighter naturally In addition, it can protect the skin from various pollutants during the day and help strengthen the skin cells as well.

4. Red fruits and vegetablesVegetables and fruits with red rinds such as tomatoes, pomegranates, strawberries, cherries, red apples, red onions, pink grapefruit, melons, beetroot, rich in lycopene. That helps to fight free radicals In addition to helping to prevent the risk of developing cancer Also helps to nourish the skin Slow down aging wrinkles Causing the aging skin to shine back Has water, is healthy and full

5. SeaweedConsidered a food that many people have never known before to help make your skin shine. By antioxidants in seaweed Has the effect of protecting skin cells from various pollution Reduce the signs of aging of skin cells. Therefore suitable for eating to protect against premature aging.
These foods are helping to nourish the skin of women. To be beautiful and look better But it is necessary to eat together with proper hygiene in order to live life Both exercise regularly Including adequate sleep By doing these things together, you will definitely see more beautiful skin results.


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