Change the navel’s most black into sparkly white With good things that are in every home

Change the navel’s most black into sparkly white With good things that are in every home

Change the navel’s most black into sparkly white With good things that are in every home

Hello everyone, today we will introduce some good things to come to recommend. Anyone who has black navel problems but would like to show the navel or wearing cropped shirts? To show the navel for beauty. Our navel must not be black. Because if the umbilical cord makes us look unclean Anyone who is looking for a way to wash the navel or wipe the navel to come to the right place. Because today we will introduce different methods In the care of the navel to be white and clean. No scurf How to take care of yourself? Let’s see. # 1. Shower thoroughly. While we shower Recommend to use soap to clean the navel as well. The soap used should be a lump to eliminate bacteria. Because it is easier to wash off Suitable for our navel From then, rinse with clean water. And use your fingers to gently rub as gently as possible, stroking all over the navel until you are confident that all the dirt and soap stains have gone out. But should not rub or scratch vigorously 2. use alcohol to wipe

This method is suitable for people who do not have allergies and have a hard skin. Dipped in a cotton swab into alcohol From then, wipe the inside of the navel. If wiping back and then the cotton swab is black, change to a new one immediately. Keep doing this until there are no scurf or black debris stuck on the cotton stalk. Then use water to wipe away the alcohol Followed by a normal shower to clean. 3. Adjust hormones to normal. For mothers with umbilical navel due to childbirth due to pregnant women born with umbilical navel due to hormonal changes After giving birth, those dark black color will gradually fade away and return to clear, beautiful skin as before. And find a way to restore hormones back to normal as before This case must be observed carefully, but if waiting for a while then the dark spots have not disappeared. Should consult a medical professional. 4. Use a dry towel to wipe the navel.

After taking a shower Should use a towel to dry the inside of the navel to dry. Even the upper surface of the body does not allow moisture to remain. Because our navel has a hole in it If there is a drop of water remaining, it will flow into the navel and will be soap and scurf in the navel. For those who have deep and narrow navel, try using a small cotton swab to dry the navel every time. To repel dampness or mold from causing the umbilical cord. 5. Wipe the navel with baby oil or wax. Would like to recommend to women with black navel. Try using baby oil or wax to wipe the navel easily. Using a cotton swab dipped in baby oil or wax moist enough From then, wipe the inside of the navel. If the cotton stalk is dirty and has a bad smell stuck on it, you should replace it with a new one until it is clean and then wipe the towel with warm water. Should be gently wiped as gently as possible to prevent inflammation Just this, the navel will be clean and not black. 6. Wash the navel with salt water.

Washing the navel with salt water is suitable for those who pierce the navel. Because removing the jewelry to clean can cause the risk of inflammation in the pierced area because our navel has old wounds. Saline is therefore an aid in killing bacteria without having to remove jewelry or girls who do not pierce the navel can use salt water to wipe it. For cleanliness and safety for delicate navel How are you? For the introduction of umbilical cleansing for those with black navel. In short, we have to clean and take good care of ourselves. The easiest way is to take a shower after trying to dry the navel to reduce the accumulation of bacteria. If you want to have white navel, don’t forget to take good care of yourself. Hope to like it. And hope that it will be useful to all readers Today, bye bye. Bye.


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