5 things to do regularly If you don’t want to have a “freckle” problem

5 things to do regularly If you don’t want to have a “freckle” problem

5 things to do regularly If you don’t want to have a “freckle” problem

Aside from acne and melasma, another problem for women I do not want to see is ” freckle ” itself, which today we have 5 things to do to avoid the occurrence of freckles on the face to come together as well. Ensure that the results are certainly guaranteed

1. Always apply sunscreen
Sunlight not only causes the skin to darken And is only blemish But also can cause freckles on the face as well Therefore, before leaving the house , should apply sunscreen every time. By choosing a sunscreen that can protect the skin well and is gentle on the skin as well Which we recommend to choose the SPF30 + is the best.

2. Eat foods that contain vitamins.
Beautiful skin from the inside to the outside Is better than just taking care of the skin on the outside, right? Therefore, we come to eat foods that contain skin vitamins. To prevent freckles and reduce other skin problems better by foods that help reduce freckles and nourish the skin well Is food that contains vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A, such as orange, papaya, pomegranate etc.

3. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight
Sometimes, even if you protect the skin well By applying sunscreen and wearing a fully clothed mat Or already wearing a hat But sunlight can still hurt our skin Therefore should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight Especially the sunlight after 10 o’clock and above

4. Drink plenty of water
Many people may wonder whether drinking water can actually reduce the occurrence of freckles on the face. Which must say that water may not help directly But it works very well Because water will make your skin moist, fresh and stimulate various systems to function normally, resulting in beautiful skin and without freckles or other skin problems. So much of the heart Therefore, anyone who realizes they drink less water Then have to drink more water then

5. Treatment once a week.
Want to have beautiful skin without worrying about freckles. Just do the treatment once a week It will help your skin to be beautiful and clear. Always smooth and soft It also helps to strengthen the skin’s even more so for Laos to the system once a week to do the treatment for your skin as well.

Do not want to have problems of heart Not difficult. Just follow these 5 methods to make your face look beautiful and clear. No problem Or other problems such as acne, blemish, wrinkles or dark spots Also makes the skin brighter and more white as well Therefore, anyone who wants to have beautiful skin must follow these 5 methods. Guarantee


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