Sunscreen, a helper for the skin that is indispensable, girls have to use even on overcast days.

Sunscreen, a helper for the skin that is indispensable, girls have to use even on overcast days.

Sunscreen, a helper for the skin that is indispensable, girls have to use even on overcast days.

Many women tend to think and understand that using sunscreen is to be applied only when exposed to the sun. But didn’t know that Actually, we have to apply sunscreen every day. Even on a sunny overcast, rainy or even in buildings, houses, house, or because UV rays can harm our skin at any moment. Even if it is sunny or not Therefore, sunscreen is an item that girls Can not live without

The intensity of UV radiation
There are two levels of UV rays, which are UVB rays that damage our epidermis. While UVA rays Destroying deep down into the dermis, which means that our skin can be destroyed indefinitely And can result from dark skin to charred skin, wrinkles, dark spots wrinkles Dehydrated dry skin And may even be severe to skin cancer

Sunscreen cream must be applied on both the face and body.
Regularly applying sunscreen will help prevent the sun from coming into our skin. Maintain moisture for the skin. Without causing dryness, wrinkles or wrinkles Various black spots, but to apply a good sunscreen cream Not just apply to any part, girls should apply it all over the face and body. To protect the skin thoroughly and the most effective there.

How to use sunscreen for high efficiency
The use of sunscreen correctly Will effectively protect the skin from UV rays Which should apply sunscreen at least 15-30 minutes before sun exposure and apply sunscreen before makeup then wait for the cream to penetrate all the skin In addition, must choose the right sunscreen as well. That is, must have an SPF 15 PA ++ that is sufficient to protect the skin from the sun. And most important Is to choose a sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type Because each person’s skin is different and strong and fragile Therefore have to choose according to their skin type So as not to cause problems as follows …..

1. Oily skin women
should choose a sunscreen with a gel texture. Because there is a mixture of alcohol that helps eliminate oil on the face And the gel does not contain oil that makes the face even more oily As well as having a lot of water, which can be easily absorbed into the skin

2. Dry skin
for sunscreen lotion High concentration To help reduce the loss of water in the skin Add moisture to the skin for a long time And should avoid products containing alcohol Because it will make the skin dry more

3. Girls with sensitive and sensitive skin
Should choose sunscreen that is produced from nature Chemical free Or choose to use sunscreen for children The gel is easily absorbed. Does not cause residue

If girls love skin, they must take care of their skin properly. And always apply sunblock cream By choosing a good sunscreen Suitable for one’s own skin And make it the right way too Will get good results


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