Create beautiful and clear skin all over the body with 7 simple steps to exfoliate

Create beautiful and clear skin all over the body with 7 simple steps to exfoliate

Create beautiful and clear skin all over the body with 7 simple steps to exfoliate.

Problems of skin pigmentation and dry skin Considered one of the skin problems that cause annoyance for women. Very much Therefore, to say goodbye to such problems We therefore take steps to exfoliate the skin that can be done by yourself. And helps the skin to be damaged Skin with dark spots Including dry skin To be smooth and soft to the touch again, together, which 7 steps to exfoliate to ensure good results are as follows.

1. Prepare the scrub device to be ready.
Prepare a sponge or luffa used for scrubbing the skin. Back scrubbing brush And the stone used for polishing feet Including preparing creams or scrubs that are used regularly For good results, it is advisable to choose a formula especially for exfoliating the skin. Whether it is a white skin formula or a formula for removing freckles, blemishes and dark spots, it is important to prepare skin lotion for skin regeneration after scrubbing.

2. Dip the sponge with warm water and then rub it gently.
Beginning with the sponge or loofah moistened with warm water. Then twist until fully dampened Continue with scrubbing thoroughly. Should be scrubbed only gently In order to stimulate the skin cells before taking a bath

3. Soak your feet with warm water. And scrub your feet thoroughly
Next step, prepare warm water to soak your feet for 10-15 minutes. Use the stone to scrub your feet thoroughly. Should start by scrubbing the heel area first After that, with other areas of the feet, should scrub every nook and cranny. To help eliminate dead skin cells Including eliminating bacteria, which is one of the reasons that cause bad smell of musty feet.

4. Apply cream scrub on the skin all over.
Bring cream or body scrub prepared. Used to scrub the feet again. In order to clean the feet more efficiently And also helps the skin on the feet to be naturally smooth and beautiful

5. Scrub the back sheet to eliminate acne.
For people who have problems with blackheads on the back. To scrub the brush after moistened with water and then twist to damp Gently polish the back. In order to stimulate the skin cells first From then, scrub with the cream or scrub prepared. Which will help get rid of acne and dark spots on the back

6. Skin scrub on different parts of the body.
On the skin of the neck, arms, legs and body, apply cream or scrub on the said area. Then rub the sponge or loofah counterclockwise This method helps to exfoliate the skin and also helps to relax the body as well. When finishing the process of rubbing, rinse with cold water. Because cold water is better for the production of new skin cells than hot water

7. Apply body lotion over the body.
After completing all steps Apply skin lotion that is suitable for your skin type. Which applying lotion will help to restore new skin cells. And also helps to add moisture to the skin Make the skin smooth and soft to the touch.

And here are 7 simple steps that can help you to say goodbye to dark and dry skin effectively. It also helps you save a lot on skin care courses. Because the skin is smooth, soft to the touch, and naturally bright white skin can be done at home easily, sure enough.


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