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Google Gallery Go, a lightweight photo manager for Android

Google Gallery Go is a lightweight, offline Android photo manager

Google Photos is a great app for storing and organizing photos, but its size is a bit bigger and takes up more space on mobile. So this app is not much better for users with midrange smartphones or a slow Internet connection. Is.
In view of this situation, Google has introduced a new application called Gallery Go.
It’s a lightweight application that has many of the features of Google Photos. It’s designed for offline work.
The Gallery automatically organizes images. It organizes photos by people, places and documents. It has many easy editing tools. These tools have filters, carp, rotate and many more features.

All features of this app work on the device instead of online. This app also has SD card support. The app size is only 10 MB.
This app was first introduced in Nigeria. Now this app is also available on the Google Play Store. This app is for Android 8.1 and above. This app’s features won’t work in all countries.
Click here to install this app.

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