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Control your phone’s facial movements with this Android app

Control Phone with Facial Movements with This Android App

EVA Functional Mouse is a free Android app. This app adds a cursor to your mobile screen. You can control the cursor with the movement of your face. This app records the movements of your face using the phone’s front camera and uses it to control the cursor on the screen.
This Android app works with all Android devices, whether it’s a phone or a tablet.
The app also has an option to rotate the camera, which allows you to use the device in landscape.

In this app you can customize the cursor movements, clicks and all other settings. You can connect external camera instead of your phone’s camera.
The first time installation of this app is quite long but simple. Once installed you can control the cursor that appears on the phone screen with your face moving. Some of these options cannot be activated during the installation, however. They can be activated later from the setting.
Click here to install this android app.

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